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Inspire with the best range of colours today.

A product and range of cruelty free ingredients enabling easy application for outstanding results. This is focused on outgoing people who want to make a positive and creative impact with their hair, transforming dull hair into something more electrifying and inspiring.

This product is suitable for shading natural or coloured/bleached/pre-lightened hair.

The end result of the colour is dependent on your hair prior to applying such as your natural hair colour, condition, porosity, thickness, length and any previous treatments.

To obtain the desired colour, we recommend that you should carry out a strand test on a small section of hair before applying the hair colour as results may vary.

For best results, apply to pre-lightened / bleached hair.  The colouring process will only tint your natural hair colour and the result will not be as vibrant.  NOTE: This pack does not include a bleaching/pre-lightening kit.

Each Pack Contains:

100ml tube of Semi-Permanent Conditioning Hair Toner

1 pair of gloves

Instruction leaflet

NOTE: This product is not an oxidant hair toner, so the effect may not be the same on grey hair. In this case, you may have to repeat the procedure for optimal effect.